L'Eclisse. January 29, 2020

I first watched this about 15 years ago and I mainly remember being extremely bored by it. Since then I’ve gotten a little more patient with movies, and I can say that I wasn’t bored at all. Sure, it’s a bit too long and not much happens (and what does happen seems to be of little consequence), but this is so beautifully shot that I always had something interesting to look at. Every so often the film would take a bit of an unexpected turn that’d keep me wondering what Antonioni would come up with next, culminating in that weirdly terrifying ending.

Most of the film takes place in the EUR district in the south of Rome. It features a lot of modernist architecture and deserted streets, which remind me of my hometown. Since I first watched L’Eclisse I’ve spent a lot more time in more typical urban environments, which helps explain why I was a lot less bored this time around.

Now I’m pretty excited to revisit L’Avventura and La Notte, which I recognized as more interesting films back then.