Tenet. September 29, 2020

Going into this movie I decided that I wouldn’t try to “figure it out” to see if it makes sense, both because of some comments I saw about it and because seeing movies as puzzles hasn’t led to a lot of enjoyment in my part. However, Tenet doesn’t really get its premise going until about the 90-minute mark, and even then it’s largely unexplored. The “inverted world” idea made for some pretty exciting action sequences, but it didn’t really help with the emotional core of the movie, which felt pretty empty. Perhaps I had the wrong expectations; given it’s a Nolan movie, I was hoping for something more visual, but the plot is mostly driven by the dialogue. I kept wishing I was rewatching Looper, or even Inception, which I’m not the greatest fan of but remember it being a lot more fun than this.